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Title: The Tale of Minerva and The Spider
Author: albion_witch
Fandom: Feminist Fairytales
Word Count: 835
Inspiration: Chapter 13 “The Weaver” as well as Walker’s distorted ideas about child abuse
Summary: An abused young woman finds help from an unlikely source. Originally posted in the LiveJournal comments.

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Title: The Great Earth Mother is Dead
Author: Estrelya Chara
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Word Count: 789
Inspiration: The story 'How the Sexes Were Separated', from Feminist Fairy Tales.
Summary: The Earth Mother loves her children. So does the Sky Father, and when her kind heart leads her to make a mistake, it's up to him to fix it.

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Title: Bella's Darwin Award/ Cliff Diving
Author: Estrelya Chara
Fandom: Twilight
Word Count: 191
Inspiration: The Darwin Awards (given to those who improve the gene pool of humanity as a species- by removing themselves from it in a spectacularly stupid manner) and Bella's idiotic cliff diving experiment in New Moon.
Summary: Bella's obituary, as seen on an internet comedy website.

Cliff Diving
2006 Darwin Award Nominee
Confirmed True by Darwin

(17 March, Washington) A teenage girl from the small town of Forks, Washington, has recently demonstrated why one should not jump off cliffs without proper supervision.

The girl, Isabella Swan, had just accepted a friend's offer to take her cliff diving. However, he was late, and Isabella really wanted her adrenaline fix. Although she had never gone cliff diving before, and despite her friend's earlier warning that this location was only used by experts, Isabella decided that she was good enough to jump of the highest point of the cliff. To make matters worse, a rainstorm was in progress, and strong winds were lashing the cliff, making a dive a risky proposition even for the experts. But even this did not deter Isabella.

When Isabella jumped off the cliff, she was immediately swept away by the currents in the water beneath the cliff. Suffering from shock due to the chill and the impact with the water, as well as multiple broken bones and internal injuries, Isabella was not able to swim to safety. She drowned before her friend could save her.
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Title: Gulnar and the Wonderful Ring
Author: elisserion
Fandom: Feminist Fairytales
Word Count: 1046
Inspiration: Chapter 11: Ala Dean, parts 1 and 2.
Summary: When Alzahra goes missing, her mother comes looking for her.

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Title: Close-Minded
Author: elisserion
Fandom: Feminist Fairytales
Word Count: 629
Inspiration: Chapter 16, The Oracle. The story is all about how the witch is so smart and sees through the con right away, which made me wonder how she would have reacted if it had turned out to be real after all.

Summary: The witch has already decided what she’ll see when she visits the Oracle.

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Title: Beauty Within
Author: Melissa Treglia
Fandom(s): Feminist Fairy Tales/Beauty and the Beast
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,932
Inspiration: Gehayi and Zelda Queen's sporking of Barbara Walker's "Ugly and the Beast." Walker's version of the tale is AWFUL, and fails on every conceivable level, all while ignoring the point of the B&TB tale in the first place. (And even if your only exposure is the Disney version, you still know what that point IS.) So, I took the one decent concept Walker's version had--a Beauty who's not outwardly attractive--and wrote my own version of the classic tale.
Warnings: None.

Summary: A retelling of the classic faerie tale, with a Beauty of a different kind, and a Beast of an uncommon backstory.

''Ours is an honorable family, and we always pay our debts.'' )
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Title: Here's The Truth
Character: Hades(Disney version)
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Summary: Inspired by Chapter 23 of Feminist Fairy Tales. Hades gives us the real story of him and Persephone.
Rating: PG

Here's the Truth.  )

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Title: How Spring Returned
Author: Elisserion
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,013
Inspiration: Chapter 23, "How Winter Came to the World." I didn't find "Dea Mater" very relatable, or a good ruler.
Summary: Zooz never went looking for power.

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Title: Barbie and Joe
Author: Elisserion
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: G
Word Count: 366
Inspiration: Chapter 9, "Barbidol". Also, my own childhood toys.
Summary: A fashion doll and an action figure find love.

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Title: The Woman At The Bar
Author: Ncfan
Fandom: Fifty Shades of Grey/The Silmarillion
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3144
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: An Elf who personally knows a thing or two about domestic abuse deals with Christian Grey.

Kate Kavanagh meets Tolkien's Aredhel. The Noldo princess knows all about being trapped in a relationship with an abusive, controlling partner- and she won't let other women suffer the same fate. This story was actually written for Gehayi, and I was surprised that it hadn't been posted here already. So here it is:

The Woman At The Bar

(Funnily enough, I often mentally pronounce Eöl's name as "Eel"- the same thing the sporkers here sometimes call E. L. James).

The Angel

Feb. 28th, 2017 07:15 pm
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Title: The Angel
Author: Sasha Honeypalm
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 676
Inspiration: Chapter 18, "The Gargoyle". Also (on a more pleasant note) a homeless guy I used to buy lunch for.
Summary: A blind beggar in Paris makes an unusual friend.
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Title: The Tapestry
Author: Sasha Honeypalm
Fandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 289
Inspiration: chapter 13, "The Weaver"
Warnings: rape, character death
Summary: A sexual predator meets a... different sort of predator.
No one was quite sure who she was or where she came from... )
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Title: Summer Dawn and Winter Morn
Author: Sasha Honeypalm
Unfandom: Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1250
Inspiration: Walker's inability to write in general, and her woeful attempts on domestic abuse, body image, and loving relationships in particular.
Warnings: Mostly off-screen domestic abuse
Summary: A fairy tale of sisterly love.

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Title: The (Un)Granted Wishes
Author: Quill
Fandom(s): Feminist Fairy Tales
Rating: General
Word Count: ~990
Inspiration: I felt the genie deserved better.
Warnings: Mind control
Summary: The power of a genie is more limited than most people think.

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Title: The Beast Within
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gehayi
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] idiotalchemist
Fandoms: Feminist Fairy Tales — Barbara G. Walker, La Belle et La Bête| Beauty and the Beast, Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms
Characters: Beast, Ugly, Original Female Character
Pairings: Beast/Ugly
Word Count: 1,500
Rating: PG
Inspiration: The story springboards off of the last line of Walker's "Ugly and the Beast" in Feminist Fairy Tales.
Summary: A relationship based on looks, good or no, is a relationship that will not last long. The same goes for one that isn't based on love and respect.

The Beast paid his servants to spread abroad the lie that he and his bride were perfectly, for he needed people to believe that he had done much better for himself this time. )
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Merv and I have talked it over, and [livejournal.com profile] twispitefic will now be open to spitefics of Feminist Fairy Tales as well.
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Title: Ready, Set, Don’t Go
Author: Melissa Treglia ([livejournal.com profile] gnosticdiva)
Fandom: Fifty Shades Trilogy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1048
Inspiration: Christian calling Ana's dad Ray about the engagement in Fifty Shades Darker, before Ana could tell her dad herself. Gehayi and Ket's comments on that scene (and an accompanying macro or two) during their sporking made me wonder what Ray might've said to Christian. Of course, a loving dad would probably have a stroke at the thought of his daughter rushing into marriage after only a few weeks, but, y'know... I tried my best with the canon we've got.
Warnings: None, despite the source material… well, unless you count a well-deserved paternal threat.

Summary: Raymond Steele gets the news his little girl will be married soon.

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Title: Fifty Shades Concluded
Author: Jaydude2
Fandom: Fifty Shades Trilogy/Kick-Ass
Word Count: 1337
Rating: PG-13
Inspiration: Just wanted to make sure the series ended with Christian Grey getting his just desserts.
Warnings: Strong language, mentions of torture and death, and implications of sexual violence
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned or featured in this story, or any of the franchises they are associated with.
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* I know I referred to Hit-Girl as a blonde in Gehayi's sporking, but when in costume, Hit-Girl wears a wig of black or purple hair, depending on the medium.

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Title: Shifting Colours, part 10
Author: celticlonging
Fandom: Fifty Shades trilogy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1622
Inspiration: gehayi and ketmakura’s sporking of Fifty Shades Darker
Summary: The Mendozas are going home.
Author’s Note: I don’t own anything from Fifty Shades. And I am so sorry! I wrote this ages ago and never posted it here. Oops.

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Title: French Lessons
Author: Melissa Treglia (gnosticdiva)
Fandom: Fifty Shades Trilogy
Word Count: 4636
Rating: R
Inspiration: Mervin's spitefic Lucky Number Thirteen, wherein Ana gets some sense talked into her by Sharon, the submissive that Christian injured during a suspension scene... as well as the flurry of comments on [livejournal.com profile] das_sporking that resulted from the revelation that Christian keeps blackmail material of his former subs. Of fifteen subs, there HAS to be one that would not be threatened by such a shady tactic.

Warnings: Rated R for canon origins--includes disturbing canon themes, discussion/depictions of BDSM and related Lifestyle/kinks, implied stalking/gaslighting.

Summary: You've met Sharon, our lucky 13. Now meet Jacqueline Bouchard, former submissive #4.

He can be very harsh at times, in his way, but... I am told he has gotten worse since he was with me. )


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